Shell Artists
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Shell Artists- Who are we?

Shell Artists are a group of artists, both young and old, who paint and sell shells. These shells are painted with intricate detail using waterproof paint. Currently Shell Artists is selling only two types of shells, as seen below. We hope you will enjoy looking at our shells and consider purchasing one for yourself or a loved one.

There are several steps we take to produce our painted shells. First, we must buy the shells from a shell selling company. Then we use acrylic paints and delicately paint scenes onto the shells. After that, we glaze the shells, so the shells' designs are enhanced. When the shell is finished being produced, it is your turn. When you choose a shell and buy it, we ship the shell to you as soon as possible.


The idea started in Chad, Africa, when a family saw the shells that the Africans painted. Some of the family, who were really good painters, decided to paint their own. Shellartists paints shells with water proof acrylics. Their team consists of a group of talented artists who paint different kinds of shells with precision and detail. Shell Artists is grartefull to all of its future and present customers for supporting them.
~ the Shell Artists group